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SiM × Freestyle Football
on TikTok

『-The Rumbling- Challenge』


How to post on TikTok

3 simple steps!

① Select "The Rumbling(Last Chorus)" music on TikTok


② Take your performance video

ダウンロード (1).png

③ Include hashtag & SiM's TikTok account

※Copy and paste👇!





You can submit as many submissions as you want, and you can submit with your buddies!

Submission period:-Sunday, 17 April
Announcement of results:Mid April

Concept of this project

A project to post your freestyle's video on TikTok using SiM's "The Rumbling”, the opening song for the world-famous anime "Attack on Titan(Shingeki no Kyojin)”, is now underway!


The cross-border between freestyle football and the music of world-famous anime is spreading freestyle football to many people around the world.

From top players to ordinary football-loving users, you can freely participate! This project is officially endorsed by artist SiM, Let's expand the world of freestyle with freestyle football x music


And a big thank you to all the players who participated.

▼Overall Grand Prix

・1st Place: Digital Certificate signed by SiM&Reaction video by SiM

・2nd place: Digital certificate signed by SiM

・Third place: Digital certificate signed by SiM

▼ Award Prizes 1 each

Total 3: Digital certificates signed by SiM





▼ Individual artist awards - 4 total

●Conditions for participation

Open to football players from all over the world. No age limit.

●Competition Rules

Submit a video of your own performance of freestyle football. Multiple people are allowed to shoot one video.

The Rumbling's music stamp (available in each application) must be used.

Videos must be at least 15 to 60 seconds in length.

The video should be shot in a location and against a backdrop that is unique to your country.

Use of hands, tools, walls, playground equipment, etc. is acceptable. However, entries that are offensive to public order and morals will not be considered.

Entrants may submit as many videos as they wish.

●How to apply

See how to submit on TikTok above.

●Judging Criteria

Skills - Skill and difficulty level

Creativity - Creativity and originality

Innovative - Is it innovative or surprising?

Representative - Does it represent my country?

Performance - Number of video views

●Submission period:-Sunday, 17 April
●Announcement of results:Mid April



Ibuki Yoshida

Asian Pacifc champion 2019, Ranked no.2 in the world 2020

  • グレーInstagramのアイコン

The Rumbling" by SiM, who wrote the opening theme song for the world-famous anime "Shingeki no Kyojin", and freestyle football will cross the border to bring the appeal of freestyle football to people all over the world. We would like to expand the possibilities.

We look forward to your participation from all over the world!

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